Dean Killick
Director and Founder
January 5, 2021
min read

A Big Change is coming to Relative Groundwork.

The team are currently working hard to implement a new mobile workforce and job management system, called the Big Change.

The new system allows us to –

  • Manage calls and contact into our business
  • Plan and schedule work
  • Report on performance
  • Live tracking of our resources
  • Fleet & Resource Management
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Invoicing & Finance

Our operatives in the field are being issued with new PDA(s) and will be using the Job Watch mobile App.

The App allows our operatives to –

  • Manage jobs and workflow
  • Manage stock and equipment
  • Submit expenses
  • Take photos
  • SAT Nav integration
  • Driver checks and log defects

Big Change will be going live in June 2021.

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